Diabetes Educator, Consulting Pharmacist


To strengthen your facility compliance through independent consulting

Compliance and regulatory services are critical for medication therapy management in the long term care industry as mandated by state and federal regulations to monitor each pharmacy license in different institutions like nursing skilled facilities, assisted living facilities, hospices, rehabilitation centers and many more.

Consultant pharmacists have many responsibilities when working to comply with each regulation to protect and advocate for the safety of each facility’s resident. We ensure supervision and correction of best administration of medications practices, medication management, proper disposal of medications, guide to pharmacy policy and procedures, cost containment strategies, quality assurance and star ratings proficiency, meetings and nursing/physician education in-services related to the management of each resident.

Federal law mandates:

  • Decrease medication errors and adverse drug events
  • Assure proper medications selection
  • Monitor drug interactions, over use and under use of medications
  • Improve the documentation of medications administration

State regulations include:

  • Proper professional licenses
  • Care of residents (dignity and respect)
  • Standards of pharmacy practice
  • Rules regarding pharmaceutical care, which may include facility, personnel, and issuance of medication orders, labeling of medications, records, storage, patient counseling.

We are people advocates to ensure each resident is treated in conformity with dignity and safety.