Diabetes Educator, Consulting Pharmacist


Medication management and education is our personalized and comprehensive approach to improve your medications use and overall health. To accomplish this we use a unique way of establishing your specific therapeutic outcomes, reducing the risk of adverse events including drug interactions and reducing the number of unnecessary medications while optimizing your health.

Providing Medication Therapy Management services (MTM) is a systematic process that involves collecting your specific medications and medical history information. We assess your prescription and non-prescription medication therapies in order to identify actual or potential medication-related problems. Additionally we create a personalized plan of action that involves you and the pharmacist to help you improve your overall medication safety, while offering you alternative options together and with setting your health goals.

Our services include educational counseling in person, over the phone or via the web to ensure proper use of your medications and disease management, assessment of all medications and disease interactions, evaluation and monitoring of how you response to the current or new therapy including blood work and diagnostic tests results. Our goal is to help you with disease prevention through lifestyle changes and coordination of therapies among your physicians and through guidance and support that lead to a healthier life.

A complete medications and diseases management review includes:

  • An individualized and comprehensive review of all your medications
  • Counseling to ensure proper use of your medications and compliance
  • Assessment of possible medication side effects and interactions
  • Review of blood work and diagnostic testing including DNA pharmacogenomic if necessary
  • Monitoring for appropriateness and effectiveness of therapy
  • Coordination of medication therapy management within your physicians
  • Implementation of lifestyles changes and health goals

Why would you invest time and money in this valuable service?

Investing in this service is proven to give you satisfaction because even when your doctor prescribes the correct medicine and you take it properly as directed, you are at risk of any possible adverse drug reactions, which are listed as the 4th leading cause of death in the USA.

Please, note that based on your genetic matrix you may not be taking the appropriate type of medications that will respond to you accordingly to your DNA make up.

While we are here to help you, we cannot do the work for you.

You are responsible for moving your health forward.